Jade is a native of China who attended the prestigious Beijing Film Academy and starred in nine motion pictures and two TV series in her homeland before moving to Canada. Jade is well on her way to achieving her goal to be the first Asian crossover pop rock singer in North America.

"I want people to know that Asian singers can do the same things as Latin singers and mix some of their native influences with their passions for American art forms like rock and soul. I have always enjoyed listening to different types of music; I like to keep an open mind rather than identify a single type of sound that defines me. I prefer to say that I love anything that touches me emotionally."

"I learned a lot from making my first album and gained a great deal of confidence in myself, but my new album is something unique with a wider range of dynamics that create a vibe people will remember."




Jade - Not Before Time

Kiss Me

Victim Of Love

Lay Me Down

3 Blind Mice

3 Blind Mice (House Mix)

Throw Me A Line

My Love Is Black

If I Catch My Breath



I Am Alive

Please Don't Touch Me

Til I die

It's True (Dance Mix)



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