The Cherokees

Well we did lads best band in Yorkshire not bad to say we’ve only been together for a few months that started us on our life long journey in the music business.

Band members John Kirby Wollard, Tez Stokes, David Bower, Mick Sweeney, Jim Green and roadie Jeff Hale.

the cherokees

After that we headed in our band van to the big smoke LONDON where we gigged non stop pub,clubs anywhere they’d have us.

Also performed regularly at the Star Club in Hamburg along with many of the big stars of the time.

We got a record contract with Decca and later our producer was Micky Most, recording hits such as Seven Golden Daffodils and Dig a Little Deeper

Oh, what happy days, eh lads?

I will never forget when a famous celebrity from England said to me after winning the competition: “Dave lad, when you become rich and famous, don’t spend your money on a house. Buy a great car ’cause nobody sees you in your bloody house!”

And Ive had some lovely cars in my time !!!!

Starred in this British comedy You must be Joking, directed by Michael Winner.

Don’t laugh at the hats! it wasn’t our idea, that was up to the movie producer.

Decided we liked the music business better!

In 1965, New York Public Library emerged with new drummer Mick Ibbotson. The band toured extensively all the pubs, Club Halls and Universities

Brian Parish joined the band in 1968. Had two new releases on MCA label, ‘Gotta Get Away’ and ‘Love Me Two Times’. Topper Clay also became our drummer at this time.

1969 Pete Morrison replaced Brian Parrish. We went on to work with B & C Records and released – under the Management of Danny O’ Donovan – The Boston Tapes.

What a team. What a sound. And whate a time!

Little Big Man and BMW emerged later to record great many tracks. Vocalists Bower, Morrison, Wollard, Howard Fulbrook forming BMW

Various musicians came and went: Jeff Rich (Drums), Keith Pursell (Lead Guitar), John Danter (Lead Guitar), Andy Hill (Keyboards) and Graham Walker (Drums).


John Kirby Wollard, nickname ” One Take Wollard.

As the words say, he always got it right the first time and would always surprise us by putting in that extra special bit of magic!
A gentle giant with a big heart, spirit, voice and soul, whom gave me the inspiration to sing and write.

Thank you John for all your support and wisdom

You will be forever with me in my heart

Goodbye my Friend