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David Bower My Friend

David was from & supported Leeds, West Yorkshire, with a passion for sport, particularly football, managing Sunday league team Carpenters from Camberley Surrey, when I met David 1983 he was organising the team ,with who turned up for training. David’s enthusiasm for always getting the best out of everyone, with his diplomatic but stern Northern way ,that’s why, being from the North myself ,we always got on, every time seeing each other, he would reminisce on the old times, how good players were. It takes someone of extra special strength and character to say something, to mean it, and then to stick by it. Due I suspect to his strong character and diplomatic Northern nature, David had only a few very close friends, I know that those that were, and count themselves as lucky and privileged to have had a friend in David.

David was extremely patriotic; he believed that England was the best country in the world, if asked he would tell you he was an Englishman born in England.

I looked for something inspiring to write and I believe David is summed up and would agree with this philosophy on life.

  1. Character is destiny in life. That’s very important.
  2. Always forgive your enemies.
  3. I’m in love with hope
  4. The best things in life are not things.
  5. The reason we have two ears and one mouth: because we might listen more and talk less.
  6. Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what we wanted.
  7. Sometimes life brings smiles, memories : the tears dry, smiles fade but the memories last forever.
  8. Science gives us knowledge , but only philosophy can give us wisdom.
  9. There is no wrong in life, nothing is a mistake, experience makes perfect.
  10. Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about.
  11. Life is short, “Be happy, enjoy your sacred time on earth.”

David died on 15 March 2020.

I know he will be greatly missed by everyone who knew and loved him.

Kind Regards
Geoff Gardner

A short plotted history by Peter Morrison

On the 15th March 2020.David William Bower, long time member of Leeds 60’s bands, The Cherokees and New York Public Library, passed away peacefully in his now home town Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada.

Son of Marjorie and Bill, Yorkshire lad David was brought up in Leeds and was a founder member of the Cherokees, along with John Woollard, Tez Stokes, Mick Sweeney and Jim Green and Jeff Hale, eventually as roadie. His father, Bill was a great provider for the group, ferrying them about, early on and lending money to buy a van and equipment, when they turned professional and moving to London. Under the guidance of Mickey Most, they had a hit with 7 Golden Daffodils and as New York Public Library. With “Land of a 1000 Dances” and “I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore”. As NYPL they recorded 4 albums in all. 2 oin the US and 2 in the UK. The first album Raw Holly was released in the US and the single “Raining In My Heart” became Tony Blackburn’s Record of the week.

In 1975 David drew the long straw and went to Tokyo after we entered one of our songs “Round and Round” in The Tokyo Song Festival. It was sung by American Miss USA contestant, Susan Anton. It came 3rd. The Three Degrees came 1st with “When Will I See You Again”.

In the late 70s David Bower, Peter Morrison and John Woollard formed BMW and toured the folk clubs in England, singing their own compositions.

David’s love of music was profound, but it was his love of melody and vocal harmony that was closest to his heart. A thing BMW did in abundance.

He also had great love for fast cars and when I met David in 1966, he was sporting a MGB roadster. That was a quick car. I remember very early one Sunday morning travelling from Camberley to Leeds in it, in 2 1/2 hours, before the M25 was built. He had lots of faster cars than that later, but none equalled that MGB.

His third love was football. He attended many games at Elland Road and became good friends of Paul Reaney. He played in goals for a local Camberley team for many years before he moved to Canada.

His 4th love was girls, but that’s for another publication.

He also did a lot of horse riding and later on in the 80’s, he took up sailing. I remember him going to buy a yacht in Florida, because they were cheaper there. He managed to get one and with 2 of his mates, sailed across the Atlantic. On his way, they met a huge storm in the Bermuda triangle and lost half the mast and the electronic guidance system. They made their way back on the stars and charts. It was “The old fashioned way”, something David was always good at.. The boat was so badly damaged; it was only worth a fraction of its estimated value in the UK. A bad day at the office.

David and I wrote, recorded and performed a lot of songs together over the years, until the time came when he moved to Canada to find his fortune and eventually found a new lady, Beverley, also a Yorkshire lass.

In a beautiful house on The Malahat, he and Beverley made home, with Mildred their dog. He built a recording studio, recording many artists from that part of Canada and using amazing musicians.

I never forget going there recording some of my songs, which led to David and I once again collaborating in song writing over the internet, until only a few weeks before he passed away. A great talent gone but never forgotten.

Peter Morrison




David Bower by Alan Harrington

David was my friend for 49 years who I first met when I was just 7 years old. He went out with my sister for a time which is how we met. He was an only child and we became his extended family, but to me he was like a brother. He often referred to me as his little brother. When I was growing up, he was my male mentor who I looked up to for guidance and advice which continued to the present day. I felt inspired by him when I was young, he drove nice cars, played football, even taking me to professional games and he encouraged me to learn sailing which was one of his past times. David was fun, happy, and ambitious who seeked new challenges. He was a caring person who enjoyed life with those that he loved and respected. I take comfort knowing that his love is eternal. He will be greatly missed but I have cherished memories. He will always be loved.

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  1. Avatar Bruce Cookson says:

    Wel done piano and string parts sound great!!! The mix is amazing!!! Well done mate!!

  2. Avatar Linda Larsson says:

    RIP my beautiful friend, you are immortal through your music.

    I only had the privilege to know David in the last 8 years. We became neighbours, and the ‘war of the roses’ was back on lol! My husband and I being ex-pats from Lancashire, and Dave and Bev being from Yorkshire….we hit it off like a house on fire!

    We became really close friends to Bev, Dave and Mildred and spent some really fun times together. I love the Belle Isle music, my favourite of all time being ‘Baby just Go’….a song which touches your heart in so many ways, and helped me through some difficult times in my life.

    We will never forget you David…….how could we? 😘


  3. Avatar Beverley says:

    Bless you Linda & Steph I don’t know how I would have coped without your Love ,Help, Kindness and Support and now I have a big Sister ❤️🙏xx

  4. Avatar Beverley Haigh says:

    Awe bev , I didn’t no David but sounds like a true lovely gentleman, sending love and hugs all the way from your home town xxx

  5. Avatar Beverley says:

    Thank you Bev ❤️🙏

  6. Avatar Chloe and Achim says:

    We were so lucky to have our wedding in Beverley & David’s beautiful home, my mum & dad being Beverley & David’s friends for many years, my dad, Jeff Hale,
    having been the roadie for David’s band, The Cherokees, in the sixties. David was such a special person and he and the very special Beverley (& not forgetting lovely Gilbert) made our day a perfect one. It was just the five of us, with David & Beverley as our witnesses, and David playing guitar. A friendship for life was made. We will miss David very much.

    Sending all our love from Germany,

    Chloe & Achim xxxxxx

    • Avatar Beverley says:

      Bless you Chloe & Achim we had such a wonderful beautiful day sharing your wedding day and yes a friendship for life was borne Beverley & Davids ❤️🙏xxx

  7. Avatar Cliff Wise says:

    Boy this is a hard time for me but I like to share with you all about a man with goals an dreams a friend who we help an be the kindest soul I have ever met along with his way of joke to bring out a smile 😊 a man that was more then just a writer ,Vocal teacher, musician but one of the greatest producer an a brother to me this was my friend an like everyone else someone special an a earth angel that made us see there more to life in each an everyone of us of who we are or an being the best that David could get out of you while working with you during Studio Session Work an Beverly making tea in the morning for us before we start out the morning working hard am time David use to say don’t look at the clock ⏰ let the music come to us and we did that an it was magical an when we us to take break’s we would go up stair to clear our minds take walk with his dog to clear our mind An look out at nature an say what a wonder place to be an live on as David would tell me store an more about when he was a child an loven music back then an stores of being with his band on tour an recording in the UK 🇬🇧 of some of the finest Recording Studio’s that major recording artists done the studio work in those story I will take with me for along time but what I remember most of David we both lost our mother an we would talk about great memories an go down in Victoria BC down by the break water there a cafe an we would away have coffice an a one of our favourite muffins an after he would drop me off to my God son an my common law Janet apartment an I remember the day clearly when David my God son Isaiah seen David’s Maroon Porsche said to David did you get a new car an David said yes then David called Beverly an said to her I would like to bring Cliff an his God son up to the Estate this was the first time my God son ever left downtown an in a Convertible Porsche on a bright an hot sunny day with the wild in our face an great music an some of the song we where in production when we got to David an Beverly home I love both David an Beverly for open there home to my God son an the smile an joy on his face that what got him into hockey cause David we went to the sports store with us cause he ask Isaiah what he want to be when he grow’s up Isaiah said he want to be in hockey so David bought Isaiah his first hockey tape an hockey puck still till this day my God son is playing an Isaiah said he scored a goal 🥅 in David William Bower Memories,David that you for all the great an best of time an memorable time an with you an Beverly am the time with Janet my common law the passaway for the joy an comfort during good an bad day but bring me to see life in a different light an making be be the man that I am today in the music business until we meet again an share more moments I will like a candle everytime i’am doing studio or just to hear your song that you song on an wrote an now I have been watching soccer football till we meet again my friend my brother from another mother like the song you Producer for Cliff Lee my former artist (see you in the “ after Life”

  8. Avatar Beverley says:

    Bless you Cliff this tribute is beautiful and from the heart ❤️ I know David has with him fond memories of your time together and has he would say “ See ya later brother” Beverley ❤️🙏

  9. Avatar Dave Townend says:

    Sad to hear of the passing of my old friend and neighbour from Belle Isle.
    Have many memories from years gone by of Dave and the Group,even when they were originally called The Stalkers.

  10. Avatar Cindy Lou says:

    Dave was a humble, kind, caring man. Who I had the pleasure of being invited to record in his studio on his song “Soldier’s Lament” please check it out he was very proud of it 🙂 RIP my friend.

  11. Avatar Sol Mogerman says:

    David was the real deal: A true musician, a gentle soul and a sweetheart of a man!
    I love his music and It was truly my pleasure be in the studio with him and know him in his later years!

  12. Avatar John Danter says:

    I met Dave in the 70s through music & recording and whenever our paths crossed over the next 40+ years he was always the same fun loving guy he was when we were young.(ish). His passions – football, girls, cars and making a few bob with music – were pretty much mine too, so staying with him in Canada was like two kids in the sweetshop of his lovely studio, (no birds this time tho’ Bev). He was kind, generous and, for a bloke as all-man as he was, a big softie. I just liked him, we had fun and I’ll miss him.

  13. Avatar Bruce Cookson says:

    David, my dear, dear friend. No-one can replace your talent and brilliance as a musician, composer, arranger and producer. You were truly amazing and your talent lives on. As a person, you were kind, sensitive, caring, and openly giving–something all of us strive for as we learn from life and our relationships. I learned so much from you musically and personally, and I will forever be indebted. I was truly shocked to hear the news of your passing because I simply did not know the condition of your health–you were such a trooper. I cannot express how much I miss you, and Beverley, and how much I truly appreciated having you in my life. With all the love in my heart, may you rest in peace with all the greatest musicians and extraordinary people who have touched our lives. Bruce Cookson.

  14. Avatar Bruce Cookson says:

    My Dearest Beverley,

    Words cannot express my most heartfelt sympathy and sadness at the loss of your partner and friend, David. He was a light in all of our lives, and as my dearest friend, will always be close to my heart. You Beverley, were truly the wonderful angel in his life and I cannot begin to know how much he will be missed by you. As his partner, you were there for him forever and always, through thick and thin, and no-one can thank you enough for how you loved and supported David. I am so very sorry for your loss, and I must express my most sincere condolences and sympathies. May you find peace in knowing that David is in heaven with those who have always loved and cared for him immeasurably, as well. Bruce Cookson

  15. Avatar James Green says:

    Unfortunately I found this Homepage of David much too late to try getting into contact after almost 50 years…

    I was with Dave in the day´s of the Cherokees back in 1960 – 1964.

    It is very sad to hear that he has now past away. I always remember him as being a very Fit and Healthy person who really enjoyed life.

    R.I.P David …. James (Jim) Green

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